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Through Our Advisors we offer services to help meet all your financial needs.

Financial and Retirement Income Planning
Retirement is formally defined as the point when one ceases employment completely. The fact of the matter is that real life retirement cannot be so simply stated. At Golden West, among our strongest assets is the personal approach we emphasize on everything we do. Our advisors get to know you and all of your needs and desires that must be considered to comprise a financial plan for your retirement, no matter how you define it.

Corporate Accounts & 401k Plans
At Golden West, We take a very proactive approach to business owners and corporate plans. Through our advisors, we are in the business of educating all participants of our plans to help them reach their retirement and savings goals. Implementing our process with each individual in the corporate plan allows this to happen. 

Investment And Risk Management
Our advisors take a highly personalized approach to creating investment portfolios that take into consideration our clients' specific goals, risk tolerance, tax situation, growth expectations and liquidity requirements unique to each client. Golden West's seasoned team will then carefully implement an individualized portfolio designed to help our clients achieve their objectives and manage their wealth according to their evolving circumstances.

Estate and Succession Planning
Have you considered and implemented a plan that effectively manages and protects your family assets after you no longer wish or are able to administer them? Perhaps you have a business that also requires a proper process in place that identifies and defines the individuals who will step up to new responsibilities. Golden West advisors work with you to define the clear objectives and solutions that accompany your estate and succession planning. The implementation of such a plan is a critical component to your financial map.

Life Insurance Strategies
Golden West places material emphasis on the risk aspect of the risk-reward equation. Financial, pure, and particular are three different types of risk that are considered in a financial plan that realistically considers the predictability of cash flow during and after your lifetime. Managing this risk, appraising and controlling it, is one of the key functions that Golden West serves in helping to provide meaningful solutions for your specific goals.

Education & 529 Planning
Golden West works to help families with the educational costs that their children endure. The cost of a higher education may increase at a rate higher than normal inflation. Golden West believes that this type of planning is critical to the family’s bottom line and success now and in the future. Participation in a 529 College Savings Plan (529 Plan) does not guarantee that contributions and investment return on contributions, if any, will be adequate to cover future tuition and other higher education expenses or that a beneficiary will be admitted to or permitted to continue to attend an institution of higher education. Contributors to the program assume all investment risk, including potential loss of principal and liability for penalties such as those levied for non-educational withdrawals.

Alternative Investments
Through our advisors, Golden West incorporates these types of asset classes in its portfolios with the goal of providing supplementary, non-market correlated opportunities and returns. This approach differentiates Golden West from today’s marketplace advisory firms. Our advisors leverage strong relationships and seek out opportunities in niche areas with the intent to help provide significant and unique value propositions to our clients.